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Nurturing Self-Trust... A vital end-of-semester self-care

As we find ourselves approaching the culmination of yet another demanding semester, it's evident that mental fatigue has become a constant companion. In these moments, there's an often-overlooked facet of self-care that deserves a moment in the spotlight – self-trust. 

In the whirlwind of assignments, exams, and the relentless march of deadlines, we may question our abilities, second-guess decisions, and grapple with self-doubt. It's precisely during these challenging times where self-trust is the most important.And no, it does not mean trusting that we flawlessly navigate every obstacle. Instead, it's about trusting in our capacity to learn, adapt, and persevere. Because whether it looks like deciding you did your best and to take some time for yourself or pushing through the exhaustion, whether it's being a potato on the weekend or getting out of your comfort zone... these are all wins. No matter the outcome.On a lighter note, here are some recommendations for a Youtube channel, book, and podcast that have helped me in the past! What are some of your recommendations? Don't hesitate to share it with us! 

🌐Youtube: Tiffany TVFrom finding your tribe or finding yourself, to overcoming self-sabotage or self-doubt, she invites us to grab our favorite drinks (whether wine or tea!) and to cozy up with her as she talks to you like an older sister (because let's be honest, sometimes that is all we need). 📕Book: The Book of Joy by Dalai-Lama, Desmond Tutu, with Douglas AbramsWhat is joy? During a time I explored that question, I came upon a book at Indigo which aims to interview two spiritual leaders in two completely different religions while adding a scientific layer to the mix... To place aside everyone's difference to explore such a universal goal immediately got me to buy the book.🔊Podcast: The Psychology of Your 20sThe 20s are some of the most interesting times (boy is it a roller coaster). This podcast explores all the important topics you can think of. Friendship changes, first dates, moving to a new city, Taylor Swift... whatever it is that matters to you, you are sure to feel like "Damn, I'm not alone in this". And with that, wish you all the luck for the end of the year. We will always cheer you on over here at MWIL :)

- Liliane (Director of Marketing)

Mental Health Resources

  • @healthiermcgill - Student Wellness Hub offers free counseling and group therapy sessions.

  • @ssmu_mentalhealth - MyWellness events (workshops, support groups, wine nights, and more!)

  • @nightlinemcgill - Student-run free and anglophone listening service

  • @ssmudrivesafe - Get a ride home for free Thu-Sat 11PM-2:45AM

  • @mcgilleatingdisordercenter - Peer support, resources, and events.

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