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The Mentorship process pairs mentees with mentors from diverse educational and professional backgrounds and is free of cost. We promote a personalized experience where mentors will be chosen to satisfy your goals. Whether your goal is to network with a professional from an interesting company or to get assistance with a cover letter or interview process, the mentorship program can assist you!

Who We are Working With 

What to Expect

The program will feature social events between the mentees, and other internal opportunities! Register today for McGill Women in Leadership's professional mentorship program and embark on a journey of personal growth, skill development, and endless opportunities.


  1. Must be an undergraduate student enrolled in McGill University for the 2023-2024 academic year

  2. Must not be going on exchange during the Winter 2024 semester

The earlier your register, the higher the chance of being paired with your preferred mentor.

The McGill Women in Leadership Mentorship Program is a highly enriching and beneficial experience for personal and professional development and requires a time commitment from mentees seeking to participate in the program. For questions about the application process or the program, please contact

Mentorship Program

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