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Our Events

FEBRUARY 14, 2024

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Valentine’s Day Fundraising
Beavertail Sale 

MWiL hosted a beavertails sale during valentines day in the Y-intersection located at the McGil campus.


Women in Law Panel

FEBRUARY 12, 2024

JANUARY 31, 2024


FEBRUARY 7, 2024

Mindset and Interview prep workshop by Miki Feldman Simon

The Mindset and Interview Prep Workshop is targeted to help participants understand themselves and their goals in a more foundational way that gives them clarity and direction when thinking about their career, applying to jobs and going through interview processes. Run by Miki Feldman Simon, a Certified Executive Coach with over two decades of experience, and created specifically for MWiL, the two-part workshop will offer attendees an opportunity to look within themselves while looking to the future.

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JANUARY 31, 2024

JANUARY 31, 2024

Food and Clothing Drive

MWiL hosted a food and clothing drive in the lobby of the Leacock building, with all proceeds going to the Resilience Shelter in Montréal.

JANUARY 31, 2024


Women in Policy Panel

MWiL collaborated with the McGill Policy Association to host a Women in Policy Panel. Panelists included Dr. Olivia Smith, Phaedra de Saint-Rome, Arianna Bondi, and Anna Brandusescu. The esteemed panellists shared their unique career journeys, discussing challenges faced and offering invaluable insights into the world of policymaking. The attendees gained firsthand perspectives on navigating the complexities of policymaking, overcoming hurdles, and forging a path in this dynamic field. 


JANUARY 29, 2024

Storytelling Workshop

MWiL hosted a three-part workshop facilitated by Professor Nanre Nafziger. We delved deep into the fundamental question: WHO ARE YOU? Through self-reflection on aspects such as culture, upbringing, passions, and encountered conflicts, Prof. Nafzinger helped the group construct a profound understanding of their self-identities. The interactive experience emphasized sharing within an inclusive space, and fostered support and empowerment within the MWIL community.

JANUARY 25, 2024

Bake Sale at 4à7

MWiL tabled at the Faculty of Management's student bar, 4à7, with a bake sale! Chef on Call vouchers were also awarded in our raffle!

DECEMBER 2, 2023

Spin Class

MWiL hosted a spin class at Spin Énergie studio for $10.  The funds raised were donated  to the Sick Kids Foundation.

NOVEMBER 30, 2023

Innovat(Hers): Leaders in Creativity

This event was a panel discussion with women in creative industries including music, film, marketing, design, fashion, photography, and journalism to inspire and guide the next generation of talent. The event will feature live music and baked goods for the attendees. The speakers were, respectively:

  1. Yasmine Khalil - chief executive producer at Cirque du Soleil Entertainment  Group.

  2. Kaitlin Zwirek -  founder and CEO of The Event Agency.

  3. Stacey Sexton - designer,  producer, and DJ. 

  4. Pandora Hobby - sustainable fibre artist and workshop speaker.

NOVEMBER 15, 2023


Experiences in Graduate School Panel
& Career Development Workshop

McGil Women in Leadership organized a panel discussion event exploring the speakers' experiences in diverse graduate schools. The workshop was hosted by McGill Career Services (CaPS) and was presented by Jan Bottomer, who completed a Master’s in Counselling Psychology at McGill.

Graduate School Panel Speakers:

  1. Clara Lloyd - Medical School Graduate Student, McGill University.

  2. Shaina Willison - Global and Imperial History Master’s Graduate from the University of Oxford, BCL/JD program at McGill University, Faculty of Law. 

  3. Sophia Howard - Mathematics Master's Candidate, McGill University.

  4. Nicole Mason - Master of Management in Retailing, McGill University.

  5. Maryam Shora - Master of Management in Finance, McGill University.

The event was sponsored by The Princeton Review, who offers online test

preparation for SAT, ACT and graduate school entrance exams. Attendees at out event received exclusive discounts on the Princeton Review's services. 

NOVEMBER 5, 2023

Headshots Fundraising Event

One of MWiL Marketing Directors took headshots with a professional camera for $5 per person for several photos at the McGill campus. All of the funds raised in the event were donated to Petites Mains, an Immigration assistance program supporting women in Québec.

Jan Bottomer

Jan Bottomer

Maryam Shora

Maryam Shora

Sophia Horward

Sophia Horward

Shaina Willison

Shaina Willison

Nicole Mason

Nicole Mason

Clara Loyd

Clara Loyd

NOVEMBER 3, 2023

Trivia Night

MWiL hosted a "Women Through the Ages" Trivia Night at Gerts Bar. The event's proceeds were directed to support Montreal's South Asian Women's Centre. The winning team got two free pitchers! :)

OCTOBER 27, 2023

Women in Technology Panel

The panel event explored the personal journeys of distinguished women tech leaders and delved into discussions on diversity, entrepreneurship, and the impact of AI in the tech industry. Attendees gained insights into recent innovations, the future of tech, and received valuable advice to excel in this dynamic field. The event featured:


  1. Mariam Jabara, in her final semester at McGill, applies machine learning for early type 2 diabetes detection, inspired by her tech journey since 2017, influenced by healthcare tech at Apple.

  2. Megan McNeil, Product Manager at Sama, merges eight years of digital product development with a passion for user experiences, contributing to end-to-end solutions in both B2C and B2B enterprises.

  3. Dr. Audrey Sedal, a McGill research assistant, specializes in robotics, soft robotics, and machine learning, bridging the gap between these fields to develop compliant and adaptable robotic systems with a focus on safety and efficiency.

OCTOBER 24, 2023


General Meeting

MWiL's first general meeting took place on Tuesday, October 24th at the Club Lounge. The meeting provided an opportunity for attendees to learn more about MWiL, meet its executives and directors, and connect with like-minded individuals on campus. Participants had the chance to express their goals and aspirations for the year, and details about future events and initiatives were shared. Pizza and soda were provided during the event to keep everyone energized. The meeting aimed to kickstart individuals' journeys with MWiL and encourage the setting of leadership goals. No registration was required; attendees were welcome to simply show up and be part of the MWiL community.

OCTOBER 19, 2023

Bake Sale at BDA

MWIL had a fantastic bake sale at McGill's Bar des Arts (BDA) on Thursday, October 19th, from 5:30 to 8:30 PM in the Arts Lounge. The proceeds from the bake sale were dedicated to supporting McGill Women in Leadership, contributing to our various events, outreach campaigns, and initiatives aimed at empowering women and non-binary students on campus. To make the event even more exciting, for every $2 spent at the bake sale, participants had the chance to enter a raffle for free spin classes in Montreal. The lucky winner was announced shortly after the sale!

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